“…I literally found myself in the collective ideas represented by the words “Free,” “Reed,” “FREeDom,” and they best express my belief that if you free your mind, your harp [and heart] will follow.”

Reed My Lips


Why I’m Feeling Freed Up

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that a 10-hole diatonic harmonica –a free reed instrument –would be so confining yet freeing at the same time. On the surface, the diatonic harp is ripe with flaws...
April 2017

Behind the Brush: Meet Visual Artist Ben Duarri

The first time I saw Ben Duarri’s work I was like “Wow.  This guy was either a genius or totally out of his mind.”  I’d later find out he was a crazy genius.  Discover the inspiration for my CD artwork and meet the British artist behind the brush. About Ben Duarri Ben Duarri... Read More
August 2015


Guest Writer

9 Life Lessons from the Harp

Watching Fred play the harmonica over the years and learning more than I ever thought I wanted to know about the instrument from him has really expanded the way I think about the harmonica. And after being challenged to think metaphorically about the instrument, I’ve come to realize that pretty... Read More
September 2015

See Who Else Has an Eye for Frederic Yonnet